The Polaris Podcast

Dirt and Water Ingestion ORV

November 10, 2021 Polaris Help Center Season 3 Episode 21
The Polaris Podcast
Dirt and Water Ingestion ORV
Show Notes

Much of the fun using our Off-Road Vehicles involves getting them dirty; but what is all that dirt and water doing to the internals of our machines? Polaris Off Road Senior Technical Trainer Randy Nelson joins the podcast to discuss the potentially damaging effects of our ORVs ingesting too much dirt or water. Listen along as we talk about common maintenance best practices to keep our units are running as good as new regardless of the riding conditions we put them through.  

NOTE: When cleaning your Polaris ORV do not use a power washer to clean the vehicle. The best and safest way to clean your Polaris vehicle is with a garden hose and a pail of mild soap and water

Make sure to take advantage of our online maintenance resources like Owner’s Manuals, the Polaris ORV Help Center sites, and the Polaris Off Road and Polaris RZR YouTube channels.

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