The Polaris Podcast

An Intro to Timbersled

July 06, 2021 Polaris Help Center Season 3 Episode 15
The Polaris Podcast
An Intro to Timbersled
Show Notes

If you’re curious about the world of snow biking, you’ll enjoy this conversation with Timbersled Product Specialist Brock Bolin. Brock tells us the basics about snow biking, Timbersled, what ownership entails and his favorite models and riding locations.

For more information on Timbersled, visit and take advantage of resources like the Try Timbersled page, the Help Me Choose tool, and the Dealer Locator. Contact the Timbersled Product Pros at 888-588-6326.

Also make sure to check out the Timbersled Help Center and Timbersled YouTube channel.

Learn more about avalanche safety at

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