The Polaris Podcast

2022 RZR Buyer’s Guide

March 29, 2022 Polaris Help Center Season 4 Episode 6
The Polaris Podcast
2022 RZR Buyer’s Guide
Show Notes

There have been some recent exciting changes to the RZR line-up. The Off-Road Vehicle Buyer’s Guide series explores the Polaris RZR lineup once again. RZR Marketing Manager Brittany Astrup joins us to help us figure out which type of RZR is best for our type of riding. She breaks down the 50-inch RZR Trail, the all-new 74-inch RZR Turbo R, the all-new PRO-R, and everything in between. Be sure to listen to our previous episode where we took a deeper look at the all-new RZR PRO-R!

WIDE OPEN! Discussing the All-New RZR PRO-R 

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